Pandemic Related Assistance

The Rappahannock Benevolent Fund stands ready to assist county residents deal with unexpected problems created by the corona virus itself or measures taken to combat the pandemic. Residents who need assistance should contact the Fund’s Community Coordinator, Berni Olson (540-671-0421).

Generally the Community Coordinator is in the office on a daily basis from 9-2pm. Please leave a phone message after hours. The Community Coordinator can also be reached my email at

In conjunction with any assistance it may provide, the Rappahannock Benevolent Fund will inform applicants about local, State, or Federal aid currently available and advise them on how to obtain such help. The Fund seeks to blend its efforts with those of other local entities, such as the Office of Social Services or the Rappahannock Food Pantry, and supplement other sources of aid as appropriate.

 In the past, when a request for assistance came to the Benevolent Fund, the Fund’s  Community Coordinator would make a home visit.  During this time of the coronavirus, the Benevolent Fund wants the community and its staff and volunteers to be safe and remain well.  To this end the Benevolent Fund will make home visits only when absolutely necessary and under safe precautions, e.g., using masks and gloves.  When this crisis has lessened and we are confident of making visits in a safe manner, they will they be resumed.  Please do not hesitate to call us because of the circumstances and we will assist you however we can.